Think About Your Kelowna Mortgage

jeong-wuteng“I Sincerely Believe that Banking Establishments Are More Dangerous Than Standing Armies, and that the Principle of Spending Money to Be Paid by Posterity, Under the Name of Funding, is but Swindling Futurity on a Large Scale.” – Thomas Jefferson

Okay folks, I’m not a banking or financial wiz. And I sure have had my fair share of money blunders over the decades. But I just don’t see why the mortgage problem is so huge right now.

Lets just take a quick assessment of the situation.

Mortgage lenders were doing some pretty snarky deals; getting people approved who really could not afford it in the first place or getting people approved for house that were too expensive for their situation. They fudged incomes, left sections blank or just simply lied in order to get certain high risk borrowers approved. (We’ll ignore the part where lots of people applauded such practices as giving people access to the American dream who might otherwise not have had the opportunity.) In some cases, in order to offset the risk, lenders even played with the adjustable rate, ignoring the fact that the borrowers would likely not be in position a few years down the line to afford them.

Not to be outdone by such devious maneuvering, the borrowers were well aware that they really couldn’t afford such homes; either at the time of purchase or when the balloon payments would come due. And they still went ahead and “believed” the lender because they wanted to.

Kelowna notary publicNow we have the proverbial essence hitting the fan in a sort of financial perfect storm. High oil prices raising the cost to transportation, food and just about everything else that is manufactured. Jobless rates climbing and pay scales dropping. Health costs on the rise. Weather conditions making everyone crazy not knowing if there’s going to be a flood, a drought, a hurricane or an earthquake. Then there is the war and the plummeting of the dollar. With all these things making everyday life unbearable, something has to give. And it is apparently the mortgage. People need food, to get to work and stay healthy. A roof over the head comes dead last in priority as they can move to a cheaper place, stay with relatives or live out of their cars.

So the foreclosure rates jump sky high, people are mailing in their keys and walking away (known colloquially as ‘jingle mail’). And the banks have to deal with the loss of income, the possession of property that is not making any money because people can’t afford them (for aforementioned reasons) and the loss of stock holder confidence.

But here is where I think the immediate problem is imminently fixable.

If banks dealt with the borrower before foreclosure and found out why they can’t make payments, arranged for an alternative payment method, and extended the life of the loan, everything else would correct itself.

For example, a bank could contact the borrower and determine (from a preset list of reasonable reasons) what the problem is, they could set the payments to be interest only or interest and part of the principle (whichever is determined feasible). Then they could extend the life of the loan for a reasonable period (say a year or six months, for instance). All the original provisions of the loan could stay in place (such as interest and adjustable rates). This way, the loan is still bringing in some money and the borrower remains in the home. Both the bank’s image and the confidence level is improved, thus allowing their stock value to remain intact. Overall consumer confidence is improved and the value of the dollar holds or maybe even improves.

notary-public-kelownaGranted, this will not be possible for every single borrowers, as some circumstances are through failure on the borrower’s part to maintain their part of the agreement. There will always be those who will try to take advantage of any situation. But for the most part, the reasons people are unable to pay their mortgage has to do with the country’s current dilemmas trickling down.

This type of situation would have been standard years ago when lenders knew their customers and believed in personal service. The shift away from the old practices was a serious gaffe for the huge banking conglomerates of today. Had they maintained even some semblance of the personal touch with their customers, we might not even be in the situation we find ourselves in today.

Call me crazy or an idealist who doesn’t know a lien from a deed of trust. Or maybe you think I am an unsung genius, a mortgage savant who has hit the nail on the head. Either way, something needs to be done about this problem, and government bailing banks out isn’t the answer.

But no matter. This is just me, have a great day!

Guide to Search Engine Optimization

jeong-wutengWhat Is Search Engine Optimization?

It is the process of ensuring that a particular site is visited by the maximum number of people by making sure that the site remains on top. The search results of all the leading search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing list the web pages according to their ranking. SEO not only builds search engine-friendly websites, but it’s also about making your site better for visitors. Most of the people have a mindset that there is a rocket science behind SEO, but you just need simple guidelines to learn the basics.


1. The traffic trick

The common mistake made by many marketers is that they see SEO as a free traffic source only, although the main purpose of SEO is to help people find accurate information on a credible source. To achieve both goals, the site’s content should be matched with what people need.

2. Research

Research may be a tiresome job, but finding the appropriate keyword is mandatory and should not be neglected. Keywords that need to be used must:

  • Have a high search frequency
  • Be relevant or appropriate to your content

There are a lot of tools that are used in finding the right keywords such as Google’s search-based keyword tool. These tools will allow you to select the appropriate keywords.

3. Crafting the content

kelowna seoSearch engines have spiders that “crawl” your site and read it. They decide which keywords should be ranked for each of your pages. You can easily optimize your content for specific keywords so that you can influence the decision of the bot.

Since the title is the first thing which catches the eye of the reader, it must be intriguing and catchy. Furthermore, if you want to attract visitors, you must always pick only those keywords that possess a high frequency. Using the keyword is an extraordinary way to promote your content. High-quality content is another way to gain visitors. Use fresh content, and always update it. The last thing is, never use duplicate content for your site; search engines can penalize you because plagiarism is illegal.

4. Optimize your code

Search engine bots can read your website’s code too, so you should always be careful with that. There are eight different sections of the code that need optimization.

5. Links

The more websites which are related to your site, the higher your pages will be ranked. You need to make sure more non-spammy and official sites are linked to your site so that its worth increases in the eyes of the search engine.

Kelowna SEO


If you apply all these methods, your traffic is surely going to increase. Patience is required because a lot of time is needed for a search engine to update its record as bots go through billions of websites.

5 Ways To Stay Healthy With A Sedentary Job

The downside to having a nice corner office in an elite company is that it can slowly affect your physical and mental health. If you are looking for ways to stay fit, knowing that you will sit for many hours a day, these tips will help you feel confident in yourself and keep you working at maximum productivity.

Stay Hydrated
While fitness is key, hydrating is the fuel for your mind and muscles to respond well. You should drink a minimum of half of your weight in ounces daily. If an 180-pound man wants to stay appropriately hydrated, he would drink 90 ounces of water a day. Exercise requires additional water. Six to eight ounces of water at the beginning and the end of the day are good ways to fuel your work day and make sure your body feels refreshed.

Simply Move
Chair yoga and stretches will help you to feel less sluggish. If you are able to take breaks, try to use them standing and walking. While eating lunch, try standing or walking to pick up your food. Take the stairs on the way back. Incorporating movements that take a little bit longer will help keep your blood flowing. If you have an hour for lunch that is enough time to get in a jog, freshen up and enjoy a salad with a healthy protein.

Love Cardio
Find your cardio. This can be running, dancing, jogging, speed walking, stairs, bur-pees or jumping jacks. Find the exercise that you enjoy doing and increases your heart rate. If you can dedicate ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the middle of the day and 10 minutes after work, you will feel great every day. Your muscles will thank you for keeping them moving and your joints will hurt less.

Strength Training
Keep a chart of push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Focus on beating your maximum number once a day. Before you know it, you will be able to do double your original number. If you start and can’t do one sit-up or push-up, try crunches and wall push-ups until you increase your strength. This will help keep your muscles toned while you are at your desk job.

Start a group at work for those who participate in healthy habits during the day. A healthy potluck once a week or walking together can be motivating when coworkers have the same interests.